Chi Nei Tsang for Women’s Health

Chi Nei Tsang for Women’s Health

chi nei tsang women's healthChi Nei Tsang abdominal massage is being offered as an exotic beauty treatment at health spa’s across the world because it works. The results of a treatment range from improved energy and peace of mind to weight loss and pain relief.  Women who take four or five treatments report improved digestion, sleep and reproductive health, to name a few.

As we return to natural health, our desire for emotional balance and physical radiance are our new priority.  Nature has given us ways to detoxify, energize and support our internal organs and reproductive system.  All we must do is learn these simple secrets to experience the same benefit at home; for free.

Chi Nei Tsang is natural medicine we can use at home

When a child has a belly ache, what do they do?  They rub their belly! As women, we can use these massage techniques to keep our body lower in toxicity and prevent many illnesses – and we can share these techniques with those we love. Think about it, your uterus and bladder share space with your intestines.  If your intestines are coated or filled with rotting material, don’t you think this could have a negative effect on your other organs?  Is it possible that your liver and kidneys are working extra hard to keep your system clean?  Could this lower your energy and open you to illness?
It is time to take back our personal power and heal ourselves.  Once we have balanced ourselves with Chi Nei Tsang, we may live in a new reality where we maintain this healthy life so we may share our love and energy freely.

About Sarina Stone –

sarina_photoCertified Medical Chi Kung Educator
It’s nothing serious; it’s just your life.” Natural Health speaker, educator and author Sarina Stone is internationally renowned for her humor, compassion, wit and candor. Ms. Stone is expertly dedicated to proving that bodies reflect one’s mind and heart.

Who is Sarina Stone?
Ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? After years of study and travel, Ms. Stone developed a holistic, or “Tao” view of wellness that connects physical health to mental health and self awareness. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature; emphasis being on health, longevity, compassion, moderation and gratitude. Harmony and health is the intended result of Taoist practice.

She carries multiple certifications as an educator and practitioner of Medical Chi Kung under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, director of Universal Healing Tao Institute. Ms. Stone is also trained in the art of detoxifying/energizing abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang.

She is the author and publisher of the “Tequila” series of conscious-relationship books.

What does she do?
Ms. Stone is available for lectures as well as offering her courses live and online. Her course subjects include Smiling Meditations for Health, Medical Chi Kung, Women’s Tao Sexual Health and Chi Nei Tsang – Abdominal Massage.

Currently she is developing the Universal Chi Kids line of educational tools – a multi-media program that educates pro-active families on the healing power of a smile. She says this is her most important work to date.

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