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Published on: October 27, 2010

I got a letter from an old friend the other day with permission to share with my readers.  I cleaned up her spelling a bit and present this to you now.  If it sounds like my voice, it is because I cleaned up her verbiage a bit, too.

Dear Sarina

For the longest time I thought I was the easiest woman to get along with on the planet.  I’m the one all the guys tell their dating stories to because I usually commiserate with the male side of the story.  I am fiercely single.  I do not see myself as the neurotic female who brings up uncomfortable issues at midnight while lying in bed naked with her lover.  I never ask a man what he’s thinking (largely because I don’t care).   It would be out of the question to profess anything but appreciation for my lover, and would not entertain the notion of saddling a man with something silly like falling in love or asking for a commitment.

I am the “cool chick”; at least until recently.  Until now I have not been attached to the outcome of my romantic relationships.  Something, or rather some one, has changed that for me and I find myself in unfamiliar territory.  I care.

I find that with this wonderful care comes instability, passion, neuroticism, love, hate, frailty, distrust, and the most unattractive behavior.

I will absolutely bring up uncomfortable issues at midnight while my unsuspecting lover lies naked and vulnerable.  I have to fight not to ask what he’s thinking.  And frankly, I can wake up delighted with my romantic situation, be positive it’s all rubbish by mid day, and convinced we are star crossed lovers before bed.  I can do this without ever speaking to him.

No, I was not the “cool chick”.  I was the “safe chick”.  I was hoping you would publish this so all my vulnerable gal pals who make asses of themselves every day know I finally get it, and I’m sorry I judged them for being “chicks”.

Yours Truly,


Dear Anonymous,

Your letter is being published on my website and I sincerely hope chicks around the world not only read it, but “get it!”

Yours in the Tao,


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  1. ashley says:

    i love this =) because im also like this friend of yours =)

  2. Myrta Nozick says:

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  3. Claudio Kuchera says:

    Nice info. Good site.

  4. Emilia Mayen says:

    I came to this site on a friend’s suggestion. She was totally right! Thanks for a great site 🙂

  5. Milagros Hof says:

    You are a very capable individual!

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