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Understanding Chi Nei Tsang and Our Two Brains

Understanding Chi Nei Tsang and Our Two Brains

Chi Nei Tsang WomenSince the beginning of time we have agreed that women are intuitive – some have been so intuitive they were historically thought to be magic.  These women followed their “gut”. This gut feeling, or intuition, is a gift all women have access to.  The key is understanding the messages this brain delivers.

Today, we understand that the body has two brains, 1) The brain in our head, and 2) The digestive system.

The brain in our belly plays a big role in our health, happiness and emotional balance. In our gut we have neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, nitric oxide, and serotonin.  Our gut also has neuropeptides.  Neuropeptides are molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other. They signal molecules and influence the activity of the brain.  They are involved in brain functions like food intake, learning and memory.

I could speak about the physical likeness of these two brains for many pages.  What I want to share with ladies is the importance of keeping this second brain healthy and 100% functional.  As women, when this brain is clean and healthy you are more free to hear and understand its messages and thus have the opportunity to comprehend situations from a clearer and more balanced perspective.  When this brain is sick, inflamed or stuck, the perception of the world will be tainted negatively.

Do you understand what that means? If a woman chooses to focus on her physical health through detoxifying and energizing her digestive system, she automatically improves her mental health and grows her intuitive abilities!

Chi Nei Tsang Detoxifies the Second Brain

Chi Nei Tsang abdominal detoxifying/energizing massage is very popular in France now. The reason for this is that it works, and any adult or teen can learn to do it for themselves. Once learned, most people can be taught to share with a child or friend.  Friends learn to work with each other, medical visits become less frequent  and self awareness grows.

Women and Chi Nei Tsang

Women have special reasons for needing this knowledge because their reproductive organs are in close proximity to the digestive system. Toxic gasses and sickness in the intestines can be very dangerous to a woman for this reason.

A full video course in Chi Nei Tsang is available at sarinastone.com

About Sarina Stone – sarinastone.com

sarina_photoCertified Medical Chi Kung Educator
It’s nothing serious; it’s just your life.” Natural Health speaker, educator and author Sarina Stone is internationally renowned for her humor, compassion, wit and candor. Ms. Stone is expertly dedicated to proving that bodies reflect one’s mind and heart.

Who is Sarina Stone?
Ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? After years of study and travel, Ms. Stone developed a holistic, or “Tao” view of wellness that connects physical health to mental health and self awareness. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature; emphasis being on health, longevity, compassion, moderation and gratitude. Harmony and health is the intended result of Taoist practice.

She carries multiple certifications as an educator and practitioner of Medical Chi Kung under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, director of Universal Healing Tao Institute. Ms. Stone is also trained in the art of detoxifying/energizing abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang.

She is the author and publisher of the “Tequila” series of conscious-relationship books.

What does she do?
Ms. Stone is available for lectures as well as offering her courses live and online. Her course subjects include Smiling Meditations for Health, Medical Chi Kung, Women’s Tao Sexual Health and Chi Nei Tsang – Abdominal Massage.

Currently she is developing the Universal Chi Kids line of educational tools – a multi-media program that educates pro-active families on the healing power of a smile. She says this is her most important work to date.

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About Sarina
Sarina Stone is a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Director of Chi Kids Incorporated, a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating families and children about natural health through art and literature. Her study of Eastern Chi Kung (Qigong), Western natural health, and stress relief methods has provided the basis for her lighthearted approach to the often complicated field of wellness and self-realization. These user-friendly methods have made her an internationally sought after speaker, author and Medical Chi Kung (Qigong) instructor. Her lectures have been made available through the internet, various schools and Universities as well as several guest spots on both radio and television. For more information, go to www.sarinastone.com.

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