Importance of Female Sexual Health

Female Sexual Health: A Sacred Energy

female sexual health Sarina StoneThe importance of female sexual health has become a common and often talked about issue around the world. We are no longer in the dark about the importance of this most sacred energy our female body produces and the role it plays in our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It is a new time for women; a time for open communication and sharing about female sexual health.

Female Sexual Health: A Healing Energy

In my earliest memories of studying with Master Chia, I recall him teaching that when enough of us transform our negative emotional state, the world will spontaneously transform its own negative energy and become a more beautiful place. In the years since I was taught this, I have seen rooms filled with women performing the healthy, healing exercises and have witnessed the gentle power of healthy Yin Chi. I have seen women laugh and dance and fill a room with their essence. I have seen repressed women smile to their body and transform their negative views of themselves.

And when this joy spreads from their smiling eyes, indeed, the room is transformed to a celebratory space filled with compassion and strength of femininity. What healthy person could resist this grace?

Female Sexual Health: A Powerful Energy

Feminine strength does not push or control, rather it’s power comes from compassionate wisdom and offers a perfect compliment to its Yang, masculine counter part. Without Yin, or water, the Yang, or Fire, burns too hot and eventually extinguishes itself. Yes ladies, there is strength and beauty in being women. We are needed, and in turn, need a healthy connection to that which is our opposite to be truly balanced. No woman is an island, rather she is the water surrounding the island that permeates and nourishes all life. Together, let us endeavor to keep our female sexual health clean and vital.


About Sarina Stone

About Sarina Stone Certified Medical Chi Kung Educator "It's nothing serious; it's just your life." Natural Health speaker, educator and author Sarina Stone is internationally renowned for her humor, compassion, wit and candor. Ms. Stone is expertly dedicated to proving that bodies reflect one's mind and heart. Who is Sarina Stone? Ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? After years of study and travel, Ms. Stone developed a holistic, or "Tao" view of wellness that connects physical health to mental health and self awareness. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature; emphasis being on health, longevity, compassion, moderation and gratitude. Harmony and health is the intended result of Taoist practice. She carries multiple certifications as an educator and practitioner of Medical Chi Kung under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, director of Universal Healing Tao Institute. Ms. Stone is also trained in the art of detoxifying/energizing abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang. She is the author and publisher of the "Tequila" series of conscious-relationship books. What does she do? Ms. Stone is available for lectures as well as offering her courses live and online. Her course subjects include Smiling Meditations for Health, Medical Chi Kung, Women's Tao Sexual Health and Abdominal Massage. Currently she is developing the Universal Chi Kids line of educational tools – a multi-media program that educates pro-active families on the healing power of a smile. She says this is her most important work to date.
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